Football Devotions

School is all about academics… reading, math, science, social studies.  But at Life Christian Academy we know that it is about so much more… showing kids that God loves them and has an amazing plan for their lives… discovering and developing the God given talents and gifts they have within them… giving them opportunities to develop Godly character through trying new things, through winning and losing, through developing good work habits, taking a risk, practicing a new skill learning to follow…and to lead.  Sports are a great way to develop those characteristics We believe that educating the whole child is vital to raising kids who will know and follow the Lord Jesus….

Recently, headmaster and head football coach Ross Hjelseth brought all football players and coaches together for a devotional before practice. He spoke from 1 Corinthians, chapter 12, on the subject of “unity” in the body and the importance of each part, but no  more important part than another part—all together, one spirit. As assistant coach Doug Burton closed, players joined hands in prayer. Every player from the 4th grader just learning the basics of football, through middle school players, up to 12th grade seniors united in prayer as one, all together, one spirit.