High School

High school is a vital training ground for life—from continued education to the future that lies beyond. As a fully accredited college preparatory school, Life Christian Academy is equipping a generation of learners for leadership and success, grounded in strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Every LCA high school student’s experience includes: rigorous academic coursework, preparatory college entrance exams, mentorship in character and relationship building, a personal portfolio of academic and extracurricular achievement, extensive Bible knowledge, daily encouragement and opportunities to deepen relationship with Jesus.

Academics & Career Planning

Whether researching a project through our nationally recognized Math and Science Institute, or getting into character for our Renaissance Faire, LCA high school students learn in engaging ways. Our diverse course schedule reflects the benchmarks of selective colleges, as well as development of the whole student—mind, body, and spirit. In addition to providing an academic counselor to help students plan next steps, we annually host a National Christian College Fair, a career fair, and a college-planning workshop; organize and facilitate college visits; and offer pre-college testing and portfolio development for grades 8–12.

Spiritual Development

Our approach to spiritual guidance is a highly valued distinctive of LCA. Students engage in daily Bible classes, weekly student-led chapels, year-long mentoring programs, and countless opportunities for service—all with a focus on following Jesus Christ with every part of their lives. Every senior designs and completes a 60-hour service project, and raises funds for the senior class’s annual week of service in Mexico. Collectively, these experiences solidify students’ faith, and build a strong foundation for a Christ-centered life.


Our programs are renowned for their development of both students’ talent and character. From title-winning athletics to accomplished fine arts and an award-winning Knowledge Bowl Team, students find their niche, then approach those activities with passion and skill. LCA students consistently earn recognition for their performance, and scholarships for further pursuit and enhancement of their abilities.

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